2015 ARHA Futurity Classic

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2015 ARHA Futurity Classic

2015 ARHA Futurity Classic

The 2015 Arabian Reining Horse Association (ARHA) Futurity Classic, held during the Scottsdale Arabian Show, February 12–22, at Westworld of Scottsdale, Arizona, celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the prestigious event known simply as “Scottsdale.” Scottsdale is widely recognized as the world’s largest Arabian show and attracts attention from around the globe. A win in Scottsdale launches the show season with high recognition in the push toward Nationals in October.

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Sue Adams

Sue Adams is founder of MarketShare Unlimited, a marketing and media consulting firm in Scottsdale, Arizona. Drawn to horses from childhood, her ownership of Arabians grew to professional association with the industry and continuing passion for the multi-faceted and amazing Arabian horse.

Adams’ work in the industry includes media relations support for the Arabian Reining Horse Association (ARHA). Her widely published articles on the ARHA highlight the popularity and ever increasing interest in reining and the lives of people devoted to the sport. She frequently promotes Arabian activities, including the Region 6 Show in April, 2015. Previously she developed media strategy for Midwest Training Centre, the Arabian Breeders Alliance World Cup Show and the ArabHorse Farm Tour.

Her time is spent between Scottsdale, with her beloved red standard poodle, and in Europe with her Dutch fiancé who resides in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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